Calabash IOS and Calabash Android last news

Last news.
The Future of Calabash

Part of making sure we deliver as much value to our users as we can involves frequently asking ourselves if we are working on the right things. Calabash was created to make mobile automation Less Painful, and this remains the goal of the framework today. But as the landscape and technologies have evolved, mobile automation has become more accessible and developer-friendly. The rising popularity of the native iOS and Android frameworks alongside the steady adoption of Appium signaled that it may be time to reevaluate the role Calabash plays in Test Cloud. After speaking with many of our customers, we believe we can best serve our users by focusing on the experience of scaling mobile test automation in the cloud and leveraging existing test frameworks which continue to improve. For this reason, we will discontinue active development on Calabash at the end of this month.

While the Calabash framework will not receive new features, we will continue to support running Calabash tests in both Xamarin Test Cloud and Mobile Center Test, including for the upcoming iOS 11 and Android O releases. Existing Calabash tests will continue to run in Test Cloud until breaking changes are introduced in future OS versions, at which point existing tests may begin to fail.

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