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Senior QA engineer в VertaMedia, Киев, З/П до 3500$

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Заявки с CV отправляйте на: job.at.info@gmail.com

Необходимые навыки
— 3+ years of experience in Automation QA/Performance Testing.
— Good Java core knowledge.
— Experience in high-load systems testing.
— Understanding of TCP/IP stack of protocols.
— Deep understanding of the automation testing frameworks and tools.
— Ability to drill down into profiling and monitoring tools and point out performance bottlenecks and issues.
— Solid database experience, including database performance monitoring experience.
— Knowledge of unix-like systems.

Будет плюсом
— Scala. Be ready to learn Scala

— Competitive salary rates.
— Friendly atmosphere and driven colleagues.
— Comfortable work space.
— Paid vacations (20+ working days) and sick leaves.
— English language trainings with native speaking instructors.
— Professional workshops and seminars attendance option at the company’s expense.
— Medical insurance.
— Relocation assistance to nonresidential job seekers.

— Test backend services, build automation testing framework from scratch.
— Create functional and unit tests.
— Set up automated execution and reporting.
— Create and execute performance tests.

О проекте
Founded in 2009 to deliver both CPM and PPC traffic, today VertaMedia has become a fast-growing video monetization platform for publishers that provides both technologies and services to facilitate selling their inventory. VertaMedia successfully operates its own SSP and provides partners with access to an affluent video ad marketplace that comprises top tier trading desks, ad networks, media agencies, DSPs and premium advertisers.
• VertaMedia’s Supply Side Platform is an upmarket technology with a fully-featured digital marketing ecosystem surrounding it.
Within our video advertising ecosystem, we facilitate the balance between major advertisers, top ad networks, trading desks and DSPs, thus guaranteeing our clients a stream of revenue from every ad opportunity.
Videe.TV is a Video Monetization Widget designed specifically for small and medium sized web properties. By installing videe.tv publishers get access to a VAST/VPAID compliant player, library of premium video content as well as an option to monetize his inventory with all top on the market demand sides.
• Video Ad Marketplace is one of the industry’s leading business solutions that provides access to more than 50 top on the market demand side partners, including media agencies, trading desks, DSPs, video ad exchanges and premium direct advertisers
We also offer cash rewards for referring us talented applicants!
We look forward to welcoming you at VertaMedia Family!