When Excell turns into a monster. Looking for an alternative way to provide test inputs.


we are automating tests in a telecom company and use Excel for test inputs.
For some tests, the workbook can get really huge and it’s hard to follow or to fill it with new data.
I am thinking of a solution to store the test inputs in a database, where different sets of parameters can be reused across multiple tests. It should have a web interface with user friendly forms.

Does anyone have experience with something similar? or maybe you know an out of the box solution?

thank you in advance!

answer in russian or english.

Привет! А насколько много данных у вас в Excel? Какой у вас стек технологий для тестировани?

Hi Pavel,

we are using Java, Citrus, Maven

there are tests where workbook has 15 sheets :smile:
(traffic patterns, profiles, different components configuration)