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SWET Selenium Test recorder - приглашаю попробовать

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https://github.com/sergueik/SWET появилася под влиянием SWD https://github.com/dzharii/swd-recorder но в отличие от нее написана с уля на java и достаточно уже стабильно работает

Selenium WebDriver Elementor Toolkit ( SWET = light , in Russian) is a OS-independent successor to the Selenium WebDriver Page Recorder (SWD)of Dmytro Zharii and author. SWET is using the Eclipse Standard Widget Toolkit with third party Opal widget library’ instead of Microsoft .Net Windows Forms for user interface and Jtwig template engine instead of ASP.Net Razor for code generation (that is just one of the available template exngines - note, jtwig supports the original PHP Twig syntax). SWET also supports generating the keyword driven framework in e.g. Excel spreadsheet. This is a work in progress, since each keyword driven framework has its own list of keywords it recognizes.

Therefore SWET runs on Windows, Mac or Linux, 32 or 64 bit platforms. SWET is currently beta quality: one can create a session and ealuate and save Page Element information and convert it to a fragment of the code in the Java or C# language; eventually the full functionality of SWD is to be achieved, also SWET might become an Eclipse plugin.


в паре с ней идет проект без хорошего имени - https://github.com/sergueik/keyword_driven_framework
пробуйте комментрируйте ругайте = это мой pet project…

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предлагаю внести в https://github.com/atinfo/awesome-test-automation

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