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How can I get a text from div and check if it contains cyrillic letters using robot framework.

(Valeria Codrean) #1

Hi! I have a page with different news, i can search something using one keyword. The results which i obtain i can filter by language. I have to check if the response which i obtained after language filter contains cyrillic letters. How can I do that?

(Ярослав Бойко) #2
${ammount_tax}=                   Get text  xpath=(//td[@data-field='amount'])[1]
${account_tax}=                   Get Value  xpath=//input[@title='Tax']
Should Be Equal                   ${ammount_tax}   ${account_tax}

(Alex) #3

Does it help you?

(Valeria Codrean) #4

Yes, i used this logic. Thank you :smile: !