Есть отличная удаленная работа для php+codeception+jenkins+allure+docker спецов. 100% remote! Присоединиться к проекту

QA Automation, PHP + PHPUnit + Behat, Kyiv, about 2500$

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(Vitaliy Gb) #1

Location: Kyiv

Knowledge of PHP and PHPUnit;
Experience in implementation of the automated tests with Behat;
Experience with Selenium WebDriver;
Experience with MySQL;
Experience working on Linux/Windows environment.

2-3 years of experience working as QA Engineer is a big plus;
1+ year of experience working as Automation QA Engineer is a big plus.

About project:
It is a customizable commerce platform that is targeted at world of B2B commerce. Providing capabilities such as personalization, localization, intelligent marketing tools, powerful reports and segmentation engine, it delivers a B2C customer experience to B2B buyers, is an Open-Source and is built on widely used and best-of-breed technologies including PHP, Symfony 2.
Front-end part technologies we use: languages (JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML), JS libraries & frameworks (Chaplin JS, Backbone.js, jQuery, RequireJS, Twitter Bootstrap), template engines (twig).

For more details please contact me
mail: vitaliy.gaydabuk@gmail.com
skype: vitaliy.gaydabuk

(Michael Bodnarchuk) #2

Случайно не OroCRM? :wink:

(Vitaliy Gb) #3

Да, совершенно верно)